Greg Graffin disappointed with Words With Friends’ seven tile limit

Greg Graffin disappointed with Words With Friends’ seven tile limit


Legendary Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin, Ph. D, issued a statement earlier today, indicating that his recent frustrations with online word games are distracting him from writing new music.

“It just bewilders me that these companies are releasing games to the masses that encourage such a rudimentary and inadequate grasp of the English lexicon. How am I supposed to adequately express myself through such an exiguous means of doing so? I tried a few of them… Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordfeud… but they’re not incommensurable in the least. It’s like these obsequious entities are pandering to the automatons of the Facebook generation. Wait, I mean Google+ generation. Yeah. I know what’s going on.”

An anonymous member of Bad Religion has confirmed that Graffin remains unfamiliar with Twitter, the popular web application. The band is taking all necessary measures to preserve that fact. It is speculated that if Dr. Graffin were to learn of such a travesty to the English language, it could spark clinical depression, or worse, an uprising and all-out revolt.

  • Fallofthem

    What Graffin doesnt seem to understand is that these games have very little to do with words in terms of strategy. These games are won by tile placement and not who can come up with the fanciest word.

  • Guest1

    I think you’re missing the joke

  • Mireille