Silverstein records NOFX cover, forgets words

Silverstein records NOFX cover, forgets words


Some band called Silverstein is releasing a new record early next year called “Short Songs”. But because of their financial restrictions (they ARE part of the 99%, after all), they can only afford to record songs that are 90 seconds or less. One of their choices was NOFX’s classic “It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite”. Unfortunately, since they don’t have much money, they also could only afford one take at recording each track, and they sure did screw this one up.

Vocalist Shane Told admits he is “extremely embarrassed” to have mistaken the classic line (and also the title of the song), “it’s my job to keep punk rock elite”. He accidentally sang the words “it’s your job to keep Punknews elite”. One MIGHT think this is a clever reference to mock the litany of brilliant commenters, but he confessed later that he just screwed up the words.

“I mean, when I think of punk rockers, I think of people who have jobs and read the news. It’s so clear to me why it happened, but it’s still embarrassing. I only wish we could afford to have done one more take.”

You can listen to the gaffe via our enemies at

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  • theponderingone

    That was one of the worst covers I’ve ever heard. Viva punk’dnews.