Streetlight Manifesto horn player misses note, crowd leaves

Streetlight Manifesto horn player misses note, crowd leaves


While New Jersey’s own Streetlight Manifesto continues to dominate the ska/punk genre worldwide, the New Brunswick natives disappointed thousands during last night’s tour stop with Reel Big Fish in Boston, MA, at the House of Blues. By the end of their set, the crowd was down to just a handful of faithful fans, and even at that point, only the bravest managed to hold back their tears.

The band started strong, opening with a highly-energized performance of “We Will Fall Together”, the opening track off their third* full-length, “Somewhere in the Between”. But by the third song, “Point/Counterpoint”, the band pulled a sneaky maneuver and decided to play the Catch-22 classic “Keasbey Nights” in the middle of the song, further proving that the two tracks sound nothing alike.

But saxophonist Jim Conti must have missed the memo.

“I have never been more embarrassed in my entire life. We’ve been doing this for how many years now, and it’s still just as clever. But not when I miss the switch. I know the rest of the horn section is pretty mad at me right now… especially Chris Thatcher.”

The club announced today that they have no plans to issue refunds. However, anyone who brings in a ticket stub from the show to future events is entitled to one complementary alcoholic beverage. After reviewing the statistics and average ages of attendees, it is estimated that Conti’s mistake will cost the club somewhere between fifteen and thirty dollars.

Bassist/saxophonist Pete McCullough just shook his head when asked about the mistake.

Lead singer/guitarist/saxophonist/band founder Tomas Kalnoky was “beyond disappointed”. He noted, “We’ve gone through six saxophone players. This is bad. Real bad. In order to enforce a consistent lineup, our contract with Victory states that every time we lose two members, we have to record another version of “Dear Sergio”. As if there wasn’t enough proof I never read our contract. But really, I never want to play that damn song again.”

I had a brief moment to catch one fan’s perspective on his way out.

“Simply the worst. I can’t believe I ever supported this band. I will never go see them again. And for the record, I only wear this shirt because I like Keasbey Nights. None of the other albums. Well, that one about Russia was okay.”

I did not catch his name, but my editor insists I track him down. He was a white male, probably around high school age, wearing a Catch-22 shirt, checkerboard wristbands, and Vans sneakers. If this description matches someone you may have seen at a Streetlight Manifesto concert, please contact us so we can follow up with more details.

My editor also asked me to recap the Reel Big Fish set, but honestly, I forgot they were still a band. I bought the tickets on eBay and thought the listing just said “REEL BIG FISH” to show up in more search results.

I get the impression that I might be fired soon.

*While the band has four full-length albums, this is only the second to contain original music.

  • Sydthebarrett

    Ive never Loled so hard in my life.

  • Andifyado92

    tomas isnt a sax player. and really everybody was that pissed about it? its not that big of deal.

  • Greg Gecik Jr.

    He missed the switch…big deal! He is a kick ass Sax player!! One mistake like that really should not make fans leave! I have played sax for a long time as well, and mistakes happen when being a horn player in a ska band! That is why I only play bass in my ska band…it is alot less stressful for me. I will see you guys at Starland next month!